How do pre-orders work and what does that have to do with sustainability?

All pre-orders at Famme will have a small price to pay for reserving the item, then you pay a well-discounted price when we send the item. Summarized in points:

  • NOK 10 is paid to reserve the item
  • 50% discount from full price/pre-price when the item is to be sent is paid
  • You get a link to make the last payment before the item is sent
  • Shipping is included in the price, ie you always have free shipping for pre-orders regardless of price

Pre-orders can be canceled if we see there is too little interest in a product, in which case the reservation price will be refunded. An estimated date for dispatch of the item from stock in Norway will be in the product description of all pre-orders.

Avoid unnecessary production and disposal

Most major brands/stores throw away thousands of garments every year. Pre-orders should help to avoid unnecessary production that customers are not interested in. Pre-orders can be seen as a kind of"voice"for what we are to produce and how much.

By using pre-orders, you help us make better choices mtp. the number we are going to produce in each size and color and thereby reduce how much is potentially thrown away.

As of today, Famme has never thrown away goods, but gives away what can not be sold or sold to outlet stores. But ideally, you will try to produce only what is desired by the customers, so that you avoid waste.