stretchy jeans myke bukser til høst høstmote 2021

The finest trousers for autumn 2021

Autumn is approaching and summer clothes are being replaced with trousers, longer sleeves and thicker layers. Wearing good trousers that can be matched with different sweaters and jackets is a must this autumn, and we at Famme have a good selection of good and trendy trousers for women that will suit every taste.

Trousers with wide legs

jeans vide ben bukser høstmøte
These pants are a must for you who like to be on-trend: OurWide Leg Jeans is made of good quality and can fit with all kinds of tops and sweaters. A pair of high-waist trousers with wide legs that sit like a shot is something everyone needs in the wardrobe this autumn, and the fabric is of good, authentic quality - we never get enough of classic denim. Whether you are tall or short, these pants will fit you perfectly!

Straight pants with split hem

rette bukser med sidesplitt splittet hem høstmote bukser
For those of you who love comfortable jeans made of good, authentic denim - these straight trousers with a split hem are perfect for you. OursStraight Slit Hem Jeans is in: They are made with side splits, which is very trendy these days, and although it is a straight fit, they sit like a shot in all shapes and forms. In other words - you want to look good in these pants.

Lightweight and stretchy sling pants

lett og stretchy slengbukse myke Youth Flare
SpringYouth Flare Pants is perfect for you who want trousers that are made of a soft and light material, and that are stretchy. These black sling pants fit with a lot of different, here you can dress it up and dress it down. It is high in the waist and is a pair of trousers you will love and use for everything - the cotton fabric and the fit will make these sling trousers a favorite in your wardrobe.

The world's softest sweatpants in velor

velur joggbukse forskjellige farger høstmote stretchy
Are you looking for the perfect comfort set or loungewear? Then it's ours Select Pants Bullseye. These velor trousers are made of a velvety material that sits like a shot - the material provides fantastic comfort. High waist, tying in the waist and nice details: If you are looking for the perfect velor sweatpants for evenings in the autumn, you have come to the right place. It is available in many different colors: Pink, red, gray, brown, black, white, gray, blue and purple.