Julegave til henne - tips for å gi den perfekte gaven

How to find the perfect gift


We can all feel that it is difficult to come up with ideas or find out what to give as a gift, whether it is birthday gifts or Christmas presents .

The girlfriend yours may say that she does not need anything, but that you still know that they want something. At the same time, one should plan gift for girlfriends , parents, family members and maybe even colleagues.

If you get a concrete answer to what they want, you are quite lucky. This is not always the case, and sometimes you want to do it the gift personally . How about trying to give a gift that they did not expect Will they accept it Or would they rather have what they wantedeg?

This the gift guide can help you solve such a problem, so you are always prepared when you need to buy or give a gift .

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Make a list of your interests

What is it that defines the person you want to give the gift to? Take your time to think about this and write down as many things as you can. Then you have to resort to a little extra brain power to come up with something that can go to many of the things you wrote down on the list, whether it is big or small, it has nothing to say..

The idea is not to give away all the gifts you find, but you may come across some cool ideas that you would not otherwise have thought of. When you then combine them, the recipient can appreciate where personal the gift was.

For example, if the woman you are going to give the gift to loves to go hiking in the mountains, it can be perfect to give for examplehiking clothes orheadband.


hvitt pannebånd med myk og behagelig kvalitetrobust og komfortabel rød turbukse


Ask yourself what the person needs

You may say to yourself that what was mentioned earlier, that they do not need anything, but no. You just have to think wider. There is an incredible amount that can make it so that their lives run more smoothly and efficiently. Ask others, put yourself in others' shoes, or try to think on a more general level. It will help you look beyond the narrow-minded perspective you have on the person.

To give a simple example, think cold - they may love to jog , but hate to do it on in the fall and winter for it gets too cold Take a look the running jackets andthe winter tights ours who will help them continue in the cold.

lett løpejakke i pustende materiale vintertights egnet til trening utendørs


Maybe the shoes they use for everything are about to break. Check them out versatile shoes, which suits everything from exercise, jogging and general use.

Gave til henne - svarte joggesko med god dempinghvite joggesko med god såle


Make the gift feel like an event

Be creative when it comes to wrapping the gift you want to give away. Instead of wrapping the gift in an ordinary gift wrap, think of the gift as one experience in itself - a mother, girlfriend , birthday s or Christmas gift which they will remember forever, or to the next gift you give at least.

  • You can hide the gift somewhere and make them go treasure hunt to find it.
  • When you want to give one awaygift cards, then you can write down a secret little message in a book they are reading that sends them to gift cards the code - let your imagination fly here.
  • Or you can be a surgeon for a day and operate on and sew the gift into a large, or small, teddy bear depending on the size of the gift.

Think back to when you were little and how exciting it was to tear off the gift wrap , try to get this memory back again for the one you want to give a gift to and let the ideas fly.


It may not be that easy, and there is probably more you can keep in mind before the next time you buy a gift. But for any occasion, this recipe will be of great help in arriving at a more personal gift.

You and your girlfriend are going to celebrate jubilee? Maybe make a deal where you have one budget each for you.You may have a deeper bond and it will be easier to come up with something, but if it does not work -then go through the different steps we showed. You will most certainly have the best friend gift .