beste teddyjakke til dame

Best teddy jacket 2021

The teddy jacket is one of the garments that have come to stay, and it is easy to understand as it is one of the softest, and not least warmest, women's jackets you can get in the autumn. At Famme, there is always a great focus on creating beautiful, functional and good garments of a lot of quality, and therefore we have designed the best teddy jacket for women, which we believe is a must for the autumn wardrobe this year.

Good and warm teddy jacket for women

hvit teddyjakke til dame
SpringSherpa Teddy Jacket is a must-have this fall. It is designed 100% with the intention of your best well-being and to keep you warm when the cold sets in. This is one of them warmestthe jackets we have at Famme, and at the same time one of the most versatile jackets we have, as it is warm enough to be used outside when it is cold but at the same time soft and lovely enough to use it indoors. This is a really good cozy jacket for women, and we think a teddy jacket is something everyone should get this season! What is incredibly practical about this teddy jacket is that it has a zipper and two large pockets that fit everything you need, whether it is mobile, wallet, hat, etc. Thisteddy jackets is made of fleece.
The best teddy jacket for women is also available in black:
svart teddyjakke til dame

If you want a teddy jacket for women who have a pocket in front, you can check out oursRipstop Sherpa Jacket:

svart teddyjakke til dame med lomme

How to style teddy jacket for women?

That's so niceteddy jackets, is that it goes with a lot. Teddy jackets are very versatile jackets when it comes to design so it should not be a problem to find some nice onespants to style them with. Our teddy jackets for women are also in the colors black and white, which are easy colors to match with different types of pants.

Specialjeans can look great with our teddy jackets for women:

jeans med splitt hem til dame
These are our super nice onesWear Home Jeans that goes with absolutely everything, especiallyteddy jackets. These pants have a high waist (a favorite) and are super stretchy. These are some of the coolest and finest slim fit pants on the market, and are very trendy.
Due to the delicious and soft fabric in the teddy jacket, you can also easily match it with equally good sweatpants, such as ourSelect Pants:
svart velur joggebukse til dame
These pants are incredibly heavy and comfortable to wear, and are perfect for a lazy day. The fabric is incredibly elastic and the trousers fit nicely and comfortably. These trousers are a must for calm autumn evenings this year.
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