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High waist jeans - Guide

Which high waist jeans should I choose?

When choosing jeans, there are endless choices, but what does high waist jeans really mean? We have created a guide to help you choose the right high waist jeans. 
High waist jeans are a type of jeans that fits all body shapes and is at the same time very versatile and resilient. They come in many different shapes and styles, and there are countless choices. High-waisted jeans have a high waist, which gives hold, while at the same time emphasizing feminine shapes. High waist jeans are also called high rise jeans as they extend across the navel. For many, it can feel uncomfortable to wear jeans that slip down several times during the day. High-waisted jeans stay in place and contribute to increased comfort throughout the day.

Everyoneour jeans is high waist. Here are some of our favorites!

Mom jeans

Mom jeans often have a loose fit and high life. These jeans are very trendy, versatile and very popular. They are comfortable and suitable for many different occasions. The jeans can be styled with many different tops, including a nice onecrop top. They were a hit in the 80s and 90s and have returned in full in recent years. Mom jeans were long popular with middle-aged women, but have now gained a new target group - namely young, trendy women!

trendy jeans

Flare jeans

Flare jeans, also called sling pants, are jeans that open at below the knees which gives the jeans a natural sling. Flare jeans have also returned after many years out of the market, and are now more popular than ever before. These jeans fit perfectly with a pair of stylish boots or ankle boots, which gives a trendy and timeless outfit.


Fit jeans

This is a snug and elastic jeans. The fabric the jeans are made of is designed byISKO. ISKO REFORM XP technology offers the highest level of elasticity ever created with this type of fabric. For you, it provides freedom of movement and maximum flexibility without losing the original shape. With this jeans you can both be comfortable and look good all day.

jeans stretch

Wear jeans

This pair of jeans is characterized by a nice split at the bottom of the ankles. It can be reminiscent of sling pants, but is not as wide below the knees. Split jeans have recently become a big trend, and this is definitely a pair of jeans worth checking out. You can style this with countless cool garments and a pair of freshsneakers. If you are unsure whether you want to wear sling pants, canthis be an option for you!

jeans med splitt