Sesongens fineste jeans

The season's nicest jeans - Top 3

Jeans - The veteran who never disappears

Jeans has had quite a journey through the last few centuries. The garment has been used as everything from work trousers during the gold rush in San Francisco in the 1850s, to becoming the iconic fashion garment that we know and love today. It is safe to say that everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe, and for good reason. Jeans will always be a safe choice due to their stylish and durable design, strong symbolism that represents rebellion, freedom and youth, and last but not least: new varieties are constantly being developed.

Over the past year, we have seen a comeback of several vintage classics, in addition to the fact that loose-fitting jeans have gained a more prominent role in the fashion world due to their comfortable design that fits well with the home office. In 2021, you can find jeans that suit all personal preferences you may have, whether it be loose-fitting alternatives, or alternatives that really highlight your feminine shapes.

It can be tricky to keep up with what types of jeans are trendy and not. Fortunately, we will present here the jeans favorites for 2021!

1. High straight leg jeans

Vintage blå jeans med høyt liv og løs passform

Here we are witnessing a comeback from a real vintage classic. High straight jeans, such as the famous ones501 LEVI'S CROP JEANSNS, has a timeless feel with distinct attributes. They are tall at the waist, loose in the legs, and have a general loose fit that oozes comfort in an incredibly stylish way.

These jeans are straight from the hip to the ankle, and are usually a little shorter in the legs, which makes them a good alternative on summer evenings and early autumn days.

2. Mom jeans

Svarte mom jeans med høyt liv og bred passform

Another comeback from a real vintage classic. The name "mom jeans"dates from the 1980s and 1990s, when middle-aged mothers were usually the ones to wear this type of jeans. Now, in the early 2020s, they have become very popular among younger women due to their vintage look and loose fit.

These jeans also have a high waist with higher trouser legs. They are both super comfortable and stylish, and go well with spring, summer and autumn.

Flared jeans

Mørke blå jeans med høyt liv sleng ved leggene

Once again a timeless and trendy classic that keeps coming back, year after year.Flared jeans (also known as bell bottoms), are iconic for their wide legs from the knee down. They are usually tighter around the buttocks and thighs to emphasize your shapes, and the width of the trouser legs can vary.

Flared jeans can give your outfit a more elegant and sophisticated look, and they can be used for different styles such as pencil dress and boots, or for a more casual t-shirt and sneaker style. Use your creativity!