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    Rask levering + gratis retur

    Bestill og få varene hjemlevert på samme dag med Porterbuddy! Hos Famme kan du kjøpe fraktfritt og bestiller du i dag har du også gratis retur! Du velger mellom Posten, Helthjem eller samme dags levering med Porterbuddy!

  • Alt av treningsklær og sko på nett | Stort utvalg

    Komfort + sikkerhet

    "Du får det du betaler for". Ikke nødvendigvis. Noen ganger får du mer, ofte får du mye mindre. Endorphin RX1 gir deg mer. Komforten og sikkerheten av et plagg, utstyr, eller fottøy skal ikke ofres for å kunne gi kunden en god og rettferdig pris på produkt. Derfor gir vi deg Endorphin RX1: en mye rimeligere joggesko, men enda like bra og enda litt til.

  • Løpesko i svart og hvit med chunky såle for god demping og støtte

    Endorphin RX1

    Endorphin RX1 er tidenes løpesko. Skoene har god demping og chunky såle. De kan selvfølgelig style opp et antrekk ved å brukes som fritidssko. I tillegg er de helt fantastiske sko å bruke for alle med en aktiv jobb som krever at du står mye på bena. Redd ryggen og lommeboken din ved å kjøpe disse herlige joggeskoene, nå til 15% avslag!

Perfekte sko til trening, jobb eller løping

Hoka shoes for women - A comparison

Hoka produces shoes for women and men. The brand specializes inshoe for training with good cushioning. Many people therefore use the shoes from Hoka for work, training and everyday activities.

Shoes with a chunky heel have become a big trend in recent years, and Hoka is one of the contributors to this new shoe trend.

Hook products

Hoka has many shoes for women, the most famous is the Clifton series. You will find an equally good and much cheaper shoe model with good cushioning in these new sneakers: Endorphin RX1 Shoes . Famme is very concerned that our sneakers should have optimal support to prevent injuries or aggravation of injuries by e.g.under- and overpronation. Therefore, these sneakers are andall our other shoes produced with just this in mind. Read more about how you can best assess which training shoes suit you and your needs here .


Sale at Hoka and discount code

Hoka sells mainly through stores and not directly to customers. They therefore have no discounts, but some distributors may offer you occasional offers on the products. You then get discounts with different percentages, but rarely discounted down to as reasonable a price as Endorphin RX1 sneakers is discounted down to as of now.

Hoka returns

Returns must be made via the store you have purchased the product from, and can be experienced very differently depending on which distributor you have chosen to shop from. Do you want a more straight forward, free, and easier return you can see how we do it here with us.

Hoka customer service

Unfortunately, Hoka does not have a good customer service where you can contact them directly. You must rather adhere to the various distributors' own guidelines within customer service and terms. Which varies greatly from store to store. At Famme we have a very simple contact form customers can fill in when needed, and they will then get exactly the help they need in a relatively short time.

    Hook delivery

    As mentioned, Hoka delivers through distributors via various stores. Famme sells all its products online and sends the packages from our warehouse in Oslo. We offer free shipping.

    Hoka experiences and reviews

    Hoka has mixed recommendations. Some swear by the shoes while others are more skeptical of shoes with thick soles. Endorphin RX1 Shoes currently has 78 reviews and 5 out of 5 stars on the product page. These amazing sneakers are loved by many and the comments rank from "Love these shoes!","These shoes are among the best shoes I have worn", and"Highly recommended, get great value for money here!These sneakers have really become a big hit and given us many very satisfied customers.

    Hoka toll

    There are no customs duties on the goods you order from Hoka, because it mainly goes through domestic distributors of the brand. Famme distributes all products from its own main warehouse in Oslo, and then does not charge a customs fee on any of what is traded viathe website.

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