Seamless - What's that?

January 22, 2018 4 Comments

Seamless. You’ve heard the word before. It might be confusing. But trust me, you’re definitely not alone! Is seamless just a buzz word used by the sports and ‘athleisure’ industry to sound cool and special?

Let's go through the details together and soak the brain with some awesome knowledge about your clothes!

Is seamless clothing a garment without any seams? No, but it usually has less seams.


 Here you see an unfinished tube of a seamless sports bra. The bra has no side seams.


Seamless garments are made of tubes and the tubes are made of yarns knitted by a seamless circular knitting machine. The tube is basically a unfinished garment with no seams. All finished seamless garments made this way do have seams.


Many people confuses ‘normal’ knitted melange garments with seamless made garments. Melange fabrics are very common, but has nothing to do with it being seamless or not.

Melange = mix (the word is widely used, and has it’s origin from french. It is also referred to as 'marl' in english).
Solid color = normal/plain color.

Melange fabrics are made by mixing different yarn colors or combine different yarns compositions when the seamless machine knits the tube. The most common in sportswear is to mix polyester and polyamide yarns together.

The base colors of the yarns are usually white of both the polyester and polyamide yarn, but the dyeing process does only color the polyamide, and leaves the polyester yarn in it’s original color. This makes the popular melange effect!

(The possibilities are almost endless. You can obviously dye the polyester in advance in any color, but it requires a different dyeing technique than the polyamide).

Why we’re different?
The quality of the finished piece depends mainly of the yarns used to make the garment. Based on that we’ve chosen to work with branded yarns from Fulgar which is a renowned factory in Italy that focuses on technology and functional yarns. This includes all our polyamide, polyester and elastane yarns.

Comfort level 10/10 - 


Your comfort matters
Based on that we’ve made all our solid colors with a high quality polyamide yarn. This particular yarn is softer and more expensive than other yarns. The result is a softer garment with great properties for the gym and physical activities. For solid colors it also looks better in my opinion due to a more shiny and glowing color. You’d feel and see the difference!




   Finished seamless leggings in different solid and melange colors.

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Charlotte Karlsen
Charlotte Karlsen

January 24, 2018

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January 22, 2018

Interesting read.. love your clothing ??


January 22, 2018

I’ve learned something new today? When will these beauties be restocked/released?

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