Beste treningsshorts til dame

Best training shorts for women 2021

With endless variations, shorts can give you both an elegant, stylish and a relaxed look. The shorts are suitable for any occasion, whether you are going to the city, training, or being at home. Despite the fact that we associate shorts with hot summer days, these can also be worn all year round. Different lengths, shapes, and comfortable materials with a flattering fit are some of the features we are looking for. This guide will guide you through our selection of denim, biker, training and casual shorts. From high-waist to mid-waist, we have the selection for you. 

Ourstraining shorts are comfortable, durable and made with quality as the focus. We have training shorts with us seamless design, training shorts with pockets , biker shorts and a number of other great training shorts. If you are specifically looking for biker shorts, we also have a separate article aboutour best biker shorts and further you can read aboutour hiking shorts.

Table of contents

  • Biker shorts 
  • Shorts for activity 
  • Denim shorts 
  • Sweatpants 

    Biker shorts

    Biker shorts also known as cycling shorts are snug, to slightly above the knees - and often with a high waist. With shorts that are snug, you will reduce the friction between the thighs that often come with hot and clammy summer days. Biker shorts are an absolute IT, and can be styled up and down whether you are going to training with a t-shirt or take a walk to the city in a sweater.

    Seamless biker shorts

    Fit shorts is a seamless biker shorts with a flattering, stylish and sophisticated look. The shorts are designed for full flexibility and freedom of movement. The shorts are suitable for use during training, or for a chill day at home. The shorts come in the colors; black, blue and purple.

    Blå seamless shorts til dame  Grå biker shorts i sømløst materiale


    Based on our best-selling favorite tights, we have developedSeamless scrunch shorts. With a V-shape and scrunch effect on the buttocks, you immediately get a finer shape and form. Without seams shown, these shorts are both comfortable and comfy all year round. The shorts are slightly higher at the back compared to the front to give the butt an extra lift. The shorts come in countless colors.
    Seamless shorts med scrunch  Seamless shorts med scrunch


    Another seamless variant isElevate wave shorts. This is a biker shorts with a high waist and wide waistband that ensures that it stays in place during all activities you want to perform. With a shaping effect and seamless texture, you get a lift in the buttocks that gives a natural result. With moisture-transporting fabric, the shorts dry quickly and efficiently. The shorts come in the color; black and blue.

    seamless bikershorts med shaping-effekt  Stretchy seamless shorts som løfter rumpen
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    Ombre lux shorts

    Ombre lux shorts is seamless and comes in four pastel colors, perfect for summer. The shorts are suitable for both everyday use, but also training in the form of strength, running, yoga or whatever you prefer. This biker shorts are squatproof , fits well , has a high life and is very flattering.


    Scrunch biker shorts

    Adapt scrunchie shorts is a seamless training shorts with a V-shape that highlights the feminine shapes. The shorts also have one high life and are moisture transporting for maximum comfort during the workout. The biker shorts are available in 6 beautiful colors, so you can choose to stand out a little or go for the classic colors.

    Blå biker shorts med scrunch i seamless  Oransje biker shorts som fremhever rumpen  Rosa scrunch treningsshorts med høyt liv

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    Ribbed biker shorts

    Ribbed biker shorts is a ribbed shorts in seamless with high life and wide waistband so that it places itself comfortably on the body. This the training shorts also has the flattering The V-shape which gives the butt a nice shape. The stylish biker shorts are excellent for all kinds of training, whether you are going to run, do yoga, strength training - or just to relax at home.

    Svart ribbestrikket biker shorts i seamless  Svart treningshorts med V-form i ribbed

    Anti-slip biker shorts

    Have you experienced that no matter which biker shorts you have ended up buying, it still slides up or down, and you end up pulling the shorts down and up countless times Then I will introduce ourr Antislip Biker Shorts. These shorts have a high life, with moisture-transporting properties that give you optimal comfort throughout all training sessions. In addition to getting a good hold around the waist and thighs, the shorts have anti-slip straps around the waist to prevent the shorts from slipping down. Comes in color; black and darkBikershorts med god hold i midje og lår  Sykkelshorts som ikke sklir ned

    read more aboutour selection of biker shorts. 


    Shorts for activities

    Choosing shorts can be a difficult choice, as much depends on the type of training or activities you want to perform. Despite the fact that all training shorts can be used for training, not all are equally suitable for, for example, running. Here you will be introduced to the perfect running shorts, hiking shorts and strength training shorts.

    Shorts for running

    Pace running shorts is a running shorts for you who want features such as high life, light and stylish design. These shorts have extra shorts on the inside that do not allow transparency when you move. This makes the running shorts excellent for high-intensity training sessions. On the outside you have shorts that give you maximum mobility and comfort during the run. Comes in color; black and dark gray.

    Løpeshorts med en innershorts   Shorts til løpeturen



    Another pair of shorts that is suitable for running isrunning shorts.  This has a thicker waistband that ensures that the shorts stay in place when running interval sessions. With moisture-transporting properties that both give the shorts respite to the body and an easy feeling to wear, this is a winner. The shorts come in the color; black.

    Løpeshorts med midjebånd  Shorts til løping med midjebånd

    Shorts for hiking

    Field shorts is a "limited edition" hiking shorts for you who want something that is in the top tier. The shorts are short in length, elastic with a high waist and very durable. Whether you are going high to verse, low, on land or in water, the shorts are with you on the adventures. Comes in the colors; dark red and blue.

    Turshorts med høyt liv og kort lengde  Turshorts med høyt liv og kort lengde


    Are you looking for a hiking shorts that can be worn even when it is raining.Move shorts is waterproof with DWR membrane. These shorts have full freedom of movement and can thus be used for all activities even climbing if you wish. The fabric is both light, elastic and durable. Comes in the colors black and khaki (green).

    Vanntett turshorts med stretch  Vanntett turshorts med stretch
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    Training shorts

    A must have shorts for strength training isGym shorts. These shorts have a high waist, stretchy and flattering design. Here you absolutely do not have to think about lifting the shorts further up between your breaks. With your needs and interests, the shorts are designed to achieve the comfort everyone is looking for. Comes in color; black and dark gray.

    Shorts til styrketrening  Shorts til styrketrening
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    Training shorts with pocket

    When you have a session at the gym, it is often practical to be able to bring your mobile, key and various accessories. We have therefore developedPocket Gym Shorts, which has two strategic pockets so you can have control over your things. This shorts does not slip down during training and is squat proof, which makes it perfect for both running and strength!

    treningsshorts med lomme  lomme til mobil treningsshorts

    Seamless Scrunch Shorts

    Seamless scrunch shorts is made with a flattering scrunch stitch which should emphasize the feminine forms. Using a V-shape and scrunch effect gives that butt a nicer and firmer shape - something more girls value in training clothes.

    Grå scrunch shorts i seamless  Blå treningsshorts som gir fine former

    Feel free to read more about seamless training clothes and further on what scrunch is here!

    Denim shorts

    An absolute must have when summer is just around the corner is a pair of denim shorts. Whether you are going on holiday or need everyday clothes in hot temperatures, it is essential. Both ripped and frayed details are something we value in the perfect jeans shorts. 

    Ripped shorts

    If you are looking for a unique vintage look we can recommend oursripped shorts. This denim shorts has five pockets. three on the front and two on the back. These are the shorts that are perfect for you who love to go to festivals. In addition to the shorts being ripped, it also has frayed details at the very bottom. Comes in the color blue and light blue.

    Ripped shorts til sommeren  Ripped shorts med frynsete detaljer

    Shorts with stretch

    Anotherdenim shorts are breeze. This has a good stretch that fits well around the waist, and does not tighten around the body. Like the ripped variant, this one also has five practical pockets. three in front, and two behind. With countless colors, the shorts have a "washed" design for a more casual look.

    Shorts med stretch og frynsete detaljer  Shorts med stretch og frynsete detaljer

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    Sweatshirts are possibly one of the most comfortable things one can wear. Whether you use it as part of your pajamas, a cozy evening inside, or just something you can throw on, before continuing the day.

    Rechage shorts is the perfect jogging shorts. This is both elastic and light in the fabric which makes it mega comfortable for all occasions. With a tie at the waist and two pockets, one on each side, - you can store your items. These shorts are excellent for you who are going to recharge your batteries for the coming week. Comes in color; black and gray.

    Joggeshorts med to lommer  Sweatshorts med to lommer


    Are you interested in how to style your chosen shorts Read more about our guide. 

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