Kompresjonstights til løping og styrketrening

What are compression leggings?

Large medical encyclopedia defines compression as a compression, and that this in the medical sense can be a part of a treatment or a consequence of injury or illness. Compression leggings are simply clothes that fit snugly on the body and are often described as "an extra layer of skin". The purpose of compression leggings should be that the clothes are so tight that they "compress" the veins at the far end of the skin, which provides several different health benefits.


Works compression leggings?

Many clothing manufacturers tend to exaggerate when they market the benefits of their compression garments, for example by saying things like "compression garments help you run faster and get stronger". An article fromforskning.no tells, however, that this is not entirely true.

The truth, according to another article fromforskning.no, is that compression garments compress the veins that lie furthest from the skin, so that the deeper veins get more blood. This helps the blood flow back to the heart to increase, which means that the heart is filled with more blood between each heartbeat. Among other things, this will help prevent and treat inflammation, varicose veins and swollen legs.

Are compression leggings worth it?

Absolutely! Compression leggings are great to wear on longer runs, ski trips or the like. Although compression leggings do not necessarily have a direct impact on how fast you run or how strong you are, they will give you a number of health benefits that allow you to avoid and prevent injuries as a result of training.

In addition, compression leggings can have an indirect impact on your performance. Compression leggings can make you both feel more sporty and look more sporty, which can have a big impact on your training motivation. Due to this, you may be able to push yourself a little harder than you usually do 😉