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Leggings guide - everything you need to know!

The ultimate leggings guide

Buying training leggings can seem like a challenge when you start looking at all the variations available on the market. How to know what kind of fabric, shape, features and size fits best Well, it does not have to be as difficult as you might think. In this guide we will go through everything you need to know for your next leggings purchase. Sizes, fabric, type of training, properties. Everything you should ever have to wonder about to make it easier for you to find your ultimate leggings.

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Fabric and production techniques

Seamless training leggings

Seamless, or seamless garments is a garment that (for the most part) is produced by a circular knitting machine, and thus is knitted as a tube to avoid seams in the garment. This results in soft and comfortable garments that provide good freedom of movement and feel light on the body. We have a large selection ofseamless garments with different properties that you can choose from.

Leggings with seam "plain fabric"

In our leggings that are not made with seamless construction, we use high quality fabric that is sewn together with seams that are designed with both function and aesthetics in mind.Essential Leggings is a good option if you want a leggings with seams. This has good compression, is high in the waist and has an elastic fabric with high density.

Warp knit

Warp knit seamless pattern is a technique in seamless production that results in very elastic, breathable and durable garments. The technology strongly connects the yarn with parallel loops that are tied together in a zigzag pattern. Several of our garments are produced with this technology, among othersAgility Leggings andStamina Leggings.

Weft knit

Weft knit is another production technique that is different from warp knit in that it is knitted from left to right in rows instead of warp's vertical knitting that goes up and down the garment. The advantage of weft technology is that it creates garments that are stretchy and comfortable, but also insulates well and retains heat in cold environments. Mostseamless Our garments are made with this technology.

Leggings and wool

OursWool Knit Leggings is made of merino wool and is super soft, antistatic and moisture-transporting. This leggings insulates well against the cold and is well suited both for a run in the winter cold and for home comfort.

Leggings i merinoullUllleggings


Leggings for running

To select itbest leggings for running there are several things to think about. Among other things, you want leggings that promote the running movement, that do not slip down during the run and that suit the temperature you are going to run in. Most running leggings are sewn (ie not seamless) to support the typical running movement, but if you want a Versatile leggings that provide good movement in all directions, a seamless leggings with a strong waistband that fits well on the body can also be a good alternative.Techna Leggings andElla Leggings are two of our best running leggings with seams. If you are going out and running in the cold, our warming can alsoThermal Leggings be a super candidate.

Leggings for strength training

The best leggings for strength training are leggings that have good hold, do not become easily transparent, and that provide good room for movement. Also make sure that the leggings are high on the waist and fit well so that it does not slip down during the session. Leggings likeVortex Leggings 2 andGym Leggings is well suited for this type of training.

Leggings and trousers for hiking and climbing

If you are looking for training leggings tomountains andclimbing It is wise to make sure that you have a pair of leggings that are durable and flexible. In addition, it is a good idea to make sure that it fits well and does not slip down along the way. If you are going on a trip, you may want to adapt to the weather, so feel free to choose trousers or leggings that provide extra warmth, such as oursField Slacks orThermal Leggings.

Shorts til fjellturBukse til fjelltur

Leggings for yoga

The best yoga pants is usually a pair of trousers or leggings in soft and stretchy fabric that gives plenty of room for movement. You can go for a classicyoga pants with slings in the legs, or are more snug but soft leggings such as oursShiva Leggings.

Leggings for everyday use

We are big supporters of wearing leggings for everyday use as well. For everyday use, you have slightly different needs than with intense strength training. Among other things, you may want to make sure that you have leggings that are extra flattering, have a cool design and comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. For everyday use, we suggest, among other things, the popular alternativesSky Leggings,Wanderlust Leggings andCamo Leggings.

Leggings til hverdagCamo leggings

Leggings for pregnancy

Let's face it, pregnancy can be a full-time activity in itself, and then it's good to have oneleggings which supports you and is comfortable throughout your pregnancy. It is also wise to stay physically active when you are pregnant, so then it is clear you need a good training leggings for this! Especially important features if you look forleggings for pregnancy is that it does not tighten too much around the waist, is elastic and comfortable, and does not become easily transparent. For this we recommend, among other thingsShiva Leggings andRib Leggings.

Turkis leggings til gravideLilla leggings til gravide


Leggings with compression

We have a number of leggings with different degrees of compression. Benefits ofcompression leggings are many, among other things, it helps with recovery by increasing blood circulation, and that this also prevents varicose veins and inflammation. In addition, they sit very well and stay in place which is an excellent feature for a training leggings. Several of our leggings with compression also have a "shaping" effect that can seem flattering. Some of our leggings with the best compression areTechna Leggings andEssential Leggings.

Leggings for long and short legs

Leggings also come in several lengths, and we have several leggings models that fit both you betterlong legs and you withshort legs. One of our best selling leggings for long legs isVortex Leggings 2 and for short legs we recommendLusty Leggings which is in a classic 7/8 length.

Leggings til lange benLeggings for lange bein

Leggings with pockets

We have a numberleggings with pockets both on the thighs and back of the back, and in different sizes and with different function. Among other things, oursTie Dye Leggings two pockets on the thighs with space for a mobile, and our popular Ella Leggings has a discreet pocket in the back that keeps your things securely in place.

Leggings that keep you warm

If you are going to train outside in the cold, you may want to wear leggings that are specially designed forcold temperatures. If you are looking for a leggings for extreme cold, a lined leggings will be what you should buy. If, on the other hand, you are going to train in normal winter weatherThermal Leggings the perfect leggings for the workout as it is made with a blizzard fabric that is brushed on the inside to provide comfort and warmth. In addition, oursWool Knit Leggings a thinner alternative that is made of merino wool and is perfect for both walks and runs on cold days.

Squat proof leggings

If you are going to the gym and lifting weights, it is good to choose leggings that are thick and stable in the fabric so that you do not have them become transparent when you do squats and do other similar exercises. We have a whole guide tosquat proof leggings where we recommend a number of options, includingVictory Leggings andSky Leggings.
Sort treningsleggings som ikke blir gjennomsiktigSort vasket squat proof leggings

Leggings that lift the butt

Sometimes one is looking for an extra flattering leggings. We offer a variety of leggings with a shaping effect that bothshapes and lifts the butt using seamless technology and strategic design of the leggings. Our Elevate Wave Leggings 2 and Elevate Vortex Leggings 2 are the latest versions with heavier and compressing fabric than its predecessors which gives a fantastic shaping effect.

Leggings that hide sweat

If you are going to do high-intensity training and want oneleggings you can sweat in without getting visible sweat stains, it is wise to choose a leggings in a darker fabric and with moisture-transporting fabric. Among oursproducts isRequest Leggings andRib Panel Leggings moisture-transporting favorites that are excellent for intense workouts.

Lilla fukttransporterende leggingsSort leggings som skjuler svette

Leggings with a high waist

Exercise leggings that are high in the waist is a trend that has many benefits. They like to stay in place better and do not sag during the training session. They can also have a hold in effect that is flattering around the waist. We have a large selection of training leggings with a high waist, and some of the best sellers includeScrunch Leggings andRibbed Seamless Leggings.

Ribbet leggings som er høy i livetscrunch leggings med høyt liv

Leggings trends and design

Leggings with camouflage pattern

We have two different leggings variants with a "camo" / camouflage pattern. These come in a wide variety of colors. This isCamo Leggings andSrunch Camo Leggings. Both leggings have scrunch in the buttocks to highlight the butt, but Camo Scrunch Leggings have thicker fabric and a more pronounced scrunch effect. Match it with oneCamo Sports Bra orCamo Long Sleeve Crop Top for a complete camo look.

Rød camo leggingsGrå kamuflasjeleggings

Leggings with hole pattern

SpringStamina Leggings andAgility Leggings Both leggings are made with Warp Knit which is a new seamless technology that gives very elastic garments. These leggings both have a stylish hole pattern design that gives a decorative and stylish effect.

Hullmønstret leggingsSort treningsleggings med mønster

Leggings with colors

We have a very large selectioncolors in our leggings, both dark, light, strong and weak. Are you looking for a darker or "tougher" color like black, military green or burgundy Or do you want something lighter or more feminine like pink, turquoise or light green Check outt the leggings collection our to see all the color variations we offer, we guarantee that there is something for everyone here!

Leggings with scrunch

What exactly is scrunch When it comes to leggings In short, there is a stitching technique strategically placed on the buttocks that "scrunches" the fabric to highlight the buttocks in a very flattering way. Here at Famme we have three different ones "Scrunch tigths" in the collection. These are:Scrunch Leggings, a comfortable leggings with tight and breathable fabric anda v-shape at the back that helps to highlight the buttocks,Scrunch Seamless Leggings which is a seamless version, and finallyScrunch Camo Leggings which are seamless scrunch leggings with an edgy camouflage pattern.

Scrunch sømløs leggingsLilla scrunch leggings

Stone washed leggings

SpringSky Leggings is colored and washed for a unique vintage, stone-washed look that gives a wonderful variation from the usual full-colored leggings. Sky Leggings are available in three different colors: black, gray and blue. The leggings are also made with a soft and moisture-transporting fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable.

Blå stenvasket leggingsGrå vintage leggings

Black leggings

Sometimes simple is the best, and all-black training leggings are a versatile "staple-piece" that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It can be matched with both colored, black and white tops depending on which look you want. We have a large selection of black leggings with a wide variety of uses and properties, so check it outthe selection ours and find one that suits you!

Sort treningsleggingsSort treningsleggings

Ombre leggings

OursOmbre Leggings takes design and style to a new level. With the stylish ombre effect, we offer two colors, black / gray and gray / blue, where the former color gradually fades over to the other down the leg of the leggings. These leggings are made with a soft and comfortable seamless construction and are a must if you want a unique statement piece in the activewear wardrobe.

Grå og blå ombre leggingsOmbre leggings sort og grå

Ribbed leggings

Our leggings with a ribbed pattern are both stylish and comfortable enough to wear for both training and leisure. The ribbed pattern adds texture and edge to the garment, and we have a large range of both neutral and exciting colors in the selection.
We have two ribbed leggings in our collection:Rib Leggings andRibbed Seamless Leggings.

ribbet leggingsribbet beige leggings

Leggings with mesh details

Springforce leggings has a striking and stylish mesh detail on the outside of the leg, which makes this leggings a both cool and functional training leggings. It has a high waist, elastic fabric and practical pocket details for storage.

Sort treningsleggings med meshdetaljerBlå leggings med meshdetaljer

Find the right size of leggings

Something that is very important for you to be happy with the training leggings you buy is so clear that you will find the right size. The leggings should not be too big as it can cause it to curl and not sit tight enough so that it slides down during the training session. If it is too small, however, it can lead to it tightening too much and being uncomfortable. At the same time, a small leggings increases the chance that it becomes transparent when you do squats, as the fabric is stretched thinner than what is ideal. Here are some tips on how to find the right size the next time you buy leggings.

Fabric and stretch

Our leggings vary depending on the fabric used, and some have more compression than others which makes them want to tighten more. Leggings with very stretchy fabric you may want to go down in size in, especially if you swing between two different sizes. This is because these leggings will not tighten as "hard" around the waist, so you should make sure that they are small enough so that they fit well enough during high-intensity training. We encourage all our customers to attach an assessment of the size when they leave assessments of our products. That way, you can easily look at the product page about other customers who have purchased this garment before recommending going up or down in size.

Our size guide

We also have onesize guide on our website which should serve as a starting point when choosing a size. We recommend that you use this and take measurements of yourself at home before you buy to ensure that the leggings you choose fit you and your body.