Vintertights til løpetur i kulden

The leggings that makes working out in winter a dream

If there is little temptation to train outside in the winter, then you need this! 

For many, the winter season involves a lot of sitting still, with snacks on the table, an overly digg sofa and various streaming services that keep us glued to the screen. And when it is both cold, sour and wet outside, then it is quite understandable that you rather "postpone" the training until the spring.

Or have many simply "forgotten" the wonderful feeling you have in the body after a really good session out in the winter? There is little that beats the raw and real feeling of having fresh air in the lungs, sore muscles and cold nose tip - and then, then it's nice to relax then. 

But how can you train optimally outside, when it is too cold to wear the light, thin and stretchy training clothes Yes, then it is important to wear good winter leggings. A good pair of leggings for outdoor training in cold weather can be absolutely crucial for getting the most out of winter training. You have to focus on the training - not be distracted by biting cold. 

Our newThermal Leggings is one such leggings. Specially designed for cold climates so that the winter cold will not be able to prevent you from being active, even on the coldest days. With high functionality and properties such as breathable fabric, high durability and solid fit, it makes winter training a dream. It is very suitable for outdoor running, strength training and other winter activities.


But do you know what is even more tempting? The feeling in your body after a run where you have braved the weather, got kilometers in your legs and fresh air in your lungs. 

But if you dream of running through the winter, it requires a pair of running leggings that are made for winter running.


Stay warm when you work out in the cold with our new oneThermal Leggings. It is made with Blizzard fabric from the textile manufacturerSitip, and has an ultra soft brushed microfiber backing that gives you world-class comfort. With its solid fit, functional breathability and superior durability, Thermal Leggings are very suitable for your outdoor sessions and activities. Get ready for the winter season and enjoy the cold, fresh air!

Thermal leggings have:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable
  • Squat proof! (not transparent)
  • Holds the fit