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What are Seamless clothes?

We explain Seamless

Seamless training clothes are made in the same way, but the quality is affected by several different factors. We explain each of the different processes. Each seamless garment is knitted by a circular knitting machine (there are a few exceptions, but it is a rarity). This means that each and every garment is knitted as a tube. A training leggings, singlet or sports bra are knitted in the same way.

    What is crucial to the quality of oneseamless-leggings? All the points below affect the quality of seamless garments.

    • Yarn
    • Design and setting of circular knitting machine (SANTONI)
    • Staining
    • Cutting & Sewing (done by hand)
    • Quality control
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      Commonly used English words when talking about the production of seamless training clothes:

      • Knitting
      • Circular Knitting Machine
      • Seamless
      • Gauge with abbreviation GG (measure of the density between the needles on a knitting machine)


      The yarn is crucial for the quality and properties of the fabric. You choose yarn depending on the purpose of the garment and the desired quality. It is normal to combine different types of yarn. We are proud to work with one of the best yarn manufacturers in the world. Our partnerFulgar SpA in Italy specializes in Nylon 6.6 and other technical yarn types. They are known for their quality and sustainable production.


      Design & Setting of circular knitting machine

      All seamless garments are designed in a computer program before being knitted by the circular knitting machine. This design determines the different knitting textures and dimensions. Every single stitch the needles knit is determined by the design.

      A technician must manually prepare the machine for production. The yarn must be set up, adjusted, defective needles must be replaced and the machine must be cleaned and programmed for the respective garment.


      Staining and treatment of the fabric is important for the fabric's comfort and properties. The dyeing is done when the seamless garment is a tube.e.

      Cut & Stitch

      After dyeing, the tube should be cut and sewn. This is how it becomes a finished and usable seamless garment. All articles require this manual process. Seamless training leggings, underwear, sports bras and sweaters must be cut and sewn before they can be used.

      Quality control

      A good quality control must detect errors before the garments are packed and sent to Norway. All our Seamless garments go through three quality controls.

      1. When the tube is finished knitting
      2. When the tube is stained
      3. When the garment is cut and sewn


      Benefits of Seamless Tracksuits:

      • Fewer seams
      • Minor wastage during production
      • Unlimited with possibilities for design. The circular knitting machine knits all the different textures that are designed in advance.
      • Efficient production and less manual work. The circular knitting machine knits leggings in less than 10 minutes. Pattern parts are eliminated.
      • Large selection of yarns with technical properties. Natural fibers can also be used.
      • A technology in development


      Seamless training clothes are soft, have a good fit and feel incredibly comfortable against the skin. For people with high demands on comfort and freedom of movement, seamless is a good training garment.

      We make seamless leggings and seamless tops for all physical activity. It includes strength training, running and yoga. That is why we have chosen to use exclusive materials that make the garment extra comfortable. It is light, soft and transports moisture efficiently. But even the best seamless workout clothes need to be treated properly. If you do activities that involve friction against objects or surfaces, we recommend using something other than seamless leggings. We recommendthese leggings if you are going to a tough CrossFit session, or if you risk giving your leggings the taste of asphalt or other uneven surfaces.

      No seamless garment likes to come in contact with velcro, animal claws or other sharp objects. These can damage the surface. Your seamless training clothes should be able to give you many comfortable experiences and training sessions for a long time.


      Seamless underwear and socks

      In the past, seamless machines were mostly used for the production ofsocks andunderwear. Socks are made in the same way as seamless clothes, but they are cut and sewn differently. The machine that produces socks is also a circular knitting machine, only much smaller.


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      We stay up to date on new yarns and knitting techniques to give you the latest and greatest in seamless training clothes. Feel free to send us feedback or questions about our products or seamless production.

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