Hvordan komme i gang med trening

What you need to get started with excercise

What you need to get started with your workout

Home training or fitness center We have gathered our best tips to get you started and find the joy of training..


# 1 Workout clothes

Exercise clothing not only improves performance during a workout, but it can really give a motivation boost to get started. If you feel good and comfortable, you will have a positive mindset that helps you put more energy into reaching your goal. We have everything you need to get the complete training outfit, see our selectionhere.

A matching training set in a trendy design is currently very popular. With high-waisted leggings, you can use a sports bra as an upper. If you still feel more comfortable with a top on the outside, we recommend Gym Tank Top.


Camo Leggings andSports Bra      Gym Tank Top




# 2 Sneakers

Good sneakers can be crucial for performance and maximum performance during a workout. We have developed sneakers that are on a par with renowned Hoka when it comes to cushioning. The shoes are perfect for running both on a treadmill and in terrain.


Endorphin Rx1 Running Shoes



# 3 Accessories

You will find a practical gym bag for storing the most essential things for the workouthere. If you need to store keys or other small items during the actual training session, our practical wristband is recommended.


Ready Duffel Bag                        Pace Wristband