how to find the right shoes for your workout!

Which shoes you use for training have a lot to say about how you perform, but also how comfortable you are. The shoes should have good cushioning and at the same time be durable so that they last a long time. Shoes can be expensive, and it can therefore be beneficial to have a pair that can be used on several occasions. White and black sneakers are timeless, versatile and can be used both for training and everyday.


We have a pair of shoes that are suitable for all occasions, whether it is a walk in the city, a run, a walk or whatever you may think of. Investing in good shoes is not only wise for training, but for everyday life as well.Endorphin RX1 running shoes are a pair of sneakers that you are guaranteed to love. They are one of our best sellers and combine both incredible comfort and style. They can be purchased in both white, black and patterned.

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The shoes can be compared to several bestsellers on the market, and we have wanted to make good shoes affordable and accessible to everyone. Therefore, we want to offer shoes that are of the same quality at a lower price so that everyone will have the opportunity to train with a pair of good shoes.

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These shoes are especially suitable for running and hiking. They have good cushioning and are incredibly light. Our customers describe that it feels like walking on clouds with these shoes. The shoes are also absolutely great to use as work shoes! Whether you are a nurse or spend many hours on a concrete floor, these shoes are well suited for your work day.

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The shoes are easy to maintain and can be machine washed without any problems. With the white shoes, they may want to impregnate the shoes before using them. This makes them both last longer, but is also easier to maintain if you need to wash them along the way.

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