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Must-have sunglasses for exercise!

3 must-have sunglasses for training!

Sunglasses are back! Summer is here and then you just have to pull out the fastest glasses you find and go out on the beach, out for a walk or a run. Here are some of the sunglasses we think are best for all situations and that you will definitely feel fresh with!


Active sunglasses

active sunglasses famme

These can be compared to the classic fast glasses.The glasses is trendy, provides UV protection and can be adjusted for optimal fit. It comes with 2 extra glasses that can be replaced if desired.

Performance sunglasses

Performance sunglasses famme

These are the glasses for those who love exercise. They come with 2 extra glasses that can be easily replaced and provide optimal protection in the sun!The glasses are polarized and provide protection against UV rays. You are guaranteed to feel fresh with these sunglasses this summer.

Fusion Sunglasses

Fushion sunglasses famme

Polarized sunglasses that fit everything from a bike ride to a run.The glasses has two sets of glass, which can also be exchanged. They are wide to prevent light from entering, and the glass provides a comfortable and nice light.