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Now that autumn is here, there are many who have gotten off to a good start training and everyday again. There is nothing more motivating than having good exercise equipment which can help you not only get a more enjoyable one training experience , but that you also perform even better. Here we have compiled a guide to the best products you can have among your fitness equipment, for studio or home training, whether it istracksuits orheadband which keeps your ears warm when you are out running in the cold.


Tracksuits in fresh colors

Tracksuits , or training band (resistance bands in English) is a must for your training equipment.Resistance Bands is a good addition to your exercise equipment, as they are good at activate the muscles which contributes to a better workout. These are perfect for sessions when you are going work out at home and not least on gym . Not only do they activate important muscle groups, but they also create resistance. Ourstracksuits Available in three different strengths, namely light, medium and heavy. We also have fresh colors which stands out and which looks good when you exercise. Here you can read about oursfavorite exercises with training elastic.


resistance band som skaper motstand og aktiverer musklermedium gymstrikk som aktiverer muskelgrupper


Bracelet - keeps things safe

With springPace Wristband you keep simple and safe care of keys and other miscellaneous things during the training session. This is a practical bracelet with storage pocket - an accessory that can make training a little easier as you want to make sure your personal belongings are kept safe.
hvit wristband med lomme til oppbevaringsort håndleddbånd med praktisk lomme med glidelås


Headbands and gloves for outdoor training

If you need one sporty and light headbands now for the fall and winter when you are going to take the run outside are springPace Headband the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.It has a soft and delicious quality that is perfect for when you need to be active outside, especially in the mid-seasons . Comes in one-size , fits everyone. Read more and our headbandhere.
Sort pannebånd til dame egnet til løpingHvitt pannebånd som er ensfarget og stretchy


Good gloves are also a must for active ladies who love to exercise outside and who want to keep warm. OursPace Winter Gloves is perfect for you who need a session warmth and protection during training - they are suitable as the perfect gloves for women the ski season and in general outdoor training when it's cold outside. The material is stretchy and durable , and allows you to use the touch function on your smartphone without taking off the gloves.The gloves have a special silicone handle pattern which makes things not slip off easily, such as your phone or a bicycle handlebar. These good and nice gloves for women are made of 3M Thinsulate insulation which keeps you good and warm on the coldest days. The gloves are practical velcro which can be adjusted and the gloves are designed for easy pulling and storage. These good, soft and warm gloves is a must for ladies who are going on a ski trip to, for example, Hemsedal.
Vinterhansker som gir beskyttelse under treningsøkten


Quick glasses for the run

When you go out for a jog or run, it is nice to have a couple sports glasses which can protect you from the sun, and sit well on your head. When you are moving the way you are below cardio training it is important that the glasses fits well on the head so that it does not have to be a nuisance and then ruin the trip. Famme has a good selection of differentsports glasses, which you can read abouthere. Our bestsellers quick glasses isActive Sunglasses andPerformance Sunglasses.


Raske briller til dame egnet til løpingfreshe solbriller som beskytter mot sollys


Bag and backpack - storage of exercise equipment

With everythingthe training equipment you must have a good and spacious bag or sack to have everything up when you are on-the-go or on your way to training and home again. If you have been looking for one spacious and stylish training bag, are you in the right place. SpringReady Duffel Bag is robust and sporty , it will carry everything you need of things for training, and can be used for travel. Here you get space for all the essentials you need to bring to the training in a stylish, elegant and classic training bag. This is a training bag of good quality t; with underlay that protects against moisture and dirt, and more pockets to provide even more space for your things. This is a great one duffel bag which will look great hanging over your shoulder.


Klassisk sort treningsbag med praktisk reimpraktisk og robust bag til å oppbevare treningsutstyr


If you are looking for a backpack to use for training, we have the perfect training bag here in Famme, namelyReady Gym Sack.It is functional and suitable for bringing the most important things to training. This is a good exercise bag which is stylish and simple , med zipper pocket outside. This practical exercise bag looks sporty on absolutely everyone and here you will effectively get everything you need.
sporty og funksjonell treningssekkenkel og stilfull sekk til trening med praktisk glidelåslomme


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