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Pants you'll need for your next hike

Hiking trousers make hiking better

Ever tried hiking in the mountains with sneakers As a rule, you do it once and never again. There is a good reason for this, when you go hiking you have to be ready for the unknown, and if you do not have the equipment that is made for hiking, then you can quickly ruin the mood with something going wrong..


Field Shorts

Field Shorts

These shorts are part of the Field Line, which means that they have much stronger fabric, but at the same time stretchy, made to withstand a blow and be practical and stylish. Field The line fits well in Norwegian nature and in the mountains!


Field slacks

Field Slacks

Field slacks are of the same line as Field shorts, it may be smart to choose this over shorts if the weather should be colder or if it is raining. On sunny days, Field shorts fit the notch better, but Field Slacks is a sure winner.

Famme Essential leggings


Black leggings


When we talk about sure winners, we can not forget Essential leggings. This leggings fits almost everything. Of course, if you have plans to defeat Mount Kilimanjaro then it may be more appropriate Field line.