Februar 12, 2021 1 min lesen

Vortex Tights


All our seamless tights are made of Fulgar's LAMICROFIBRA®. It's a Nylon 6.6 yarn with extremely fine filaments. It can be used to make extremely soft and highly breathable fabrics which is ideal for lightweight garments that come into direct contact with the skin.

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LAMICROFIBRA® is a fine yarn that mimic the feature of superior fibres such as silk. The result is garments with high comfort and technical properties.




LAMICROFIBRA®'s specific weight is 18% less than that of polyester fibres. We've knitted our leggings more dense to achieve a squat-proof seamless leggings with greater compression. Still lighter, just better. 



It also boasts an excellent moisture wicking ability meaning that it contributes to a natural healthy balance, taking comfort to the next level.



Enkel rengjøringEASY CARE

LAMICROFIBRA® is easy to use, does not require ironing and dries three times more quickly than cotton. Do not use fabric softener when washing.


All our seamless tights are made by quality yarns from Fulgar in Italy. Our melange colors are combinations of Nylon 6.6 and polyester to obtain the color-contrasts. When the whole garment is dyed, the nylon absorbs the color, while the polyester retains its original color. Melange is also known as marl.Italiensk stoff