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Yoga clothes

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Let Famme's yoga wear reflect your aura

Elevate your physical and mental well-being by training your body and mind in our wide assortment of yoga leggings, fitness accessories and studio clothes. Our collections provide you with optimal comfort and agility so nothing will hold you back when moving, stretching and maintaining your advanced yoga positions. We design our unique yoga collections with your well-being in mind , aiming to help you find your positive mantra and inner peace. Find an outfit that works for you, and master new levels of tranquility.  

Maintain advanced yoga positions with ease 

High-waisted fit, sweat-wicking materials and seamless constructions - we got you covered for your next yoga or pilates session. Our wide range of yoga and fitness clothes are all about your comfort and calm, so you can achieve total inner peace, mindfullness and zen. Seamless designs such as our Vortex Leggings and Elavate Crop Tops provide you with incredible comfort and quality by feeling soft and delicate towards the skin.