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Influencer FAQ


  1. Gift cards / money is paid out once a month, at the start of each month
  2. You get 10% commission on orders where your code is used. 
  3. You can find how many times your codes has been used here
  4. How much commission do I get each month? If you have received a gift card, it will contain the value you earned the previous month. If you did not receive a gift card, your code has probably not been used yet. 
  5. When does my code expire? we usually do not expire codes, but sometimes influencers get extra codes that only last for a short time. Your influencer code and personal code will not expire as long as you are part of the ambassador program. 
  6. Where do I make my 30% discount code? You can make it here and it can be used every time you share a feed post or a story. 
  7. You can show a 20% code permanently in your bio, it can be made here