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Add a touch of comfort to your wardrobe with Famme's casual wear 

We all know most girls like to get dressed up, impress and look flawless at all times. Some days, however, nothing feels more right than taking a relaxed Netflix and chill kinda' day at home - and those days are all about comfort. We've designed our wide collection of casual wear with your well-being in focus, so you can relax with style, whether it be at home with a movie, at the cinema or in town. Add a touch of comfort to your wardrobe with our stretchy jeans, soft hoodies, warm jackets and much more. 

Casual wear with a chilled out vibe 

Causal wear is associated with emphasising personal comfort and individuality over formality or conformity. We strive to make our garments as stylish as they are comfortable, so you can relax and at the same time look chic. In our assortment of casual wear you'll find a mix of styles that are off the hook for everyday of the week, so you always have something to throw on for a super effortless style fix.