Change in influencer program: 2020

Dear ambassador, 

We’re a small team. The advantages are exceptional service and personal communication.

As we grow, we strive to remember where we’ve been and who we are as a company, while also pushing forward to constantly innovate and improve.

Every action we take is with the best intentions for you, and sometimes it includes to take a step backwards. A step back to define a new and better path for the future. This applies to life and every relationship - ours is no exception.

I know that 2020 will be a better and more interesting year. We’ll share and explain more from our manufacturers, our fine materials and who we are as a brand. The interesting part is what content we share and our new releases. We’ve literally been absent the whole 2019, but our small team has managed to execute exceptional service. Deliver above expectations to our #fammely has always been our first priority. It always will.

All prices on all products has been lowered for our international customers. Even returns & exchanges are easier. With all the changes we’re doing, it also comes a change in our ambassador program. All personal discount codes will be disabled the 15th of February. If your code isn’t working, please contact us at

I appreciate your understanding. I’ve tried to keep this text moderate. Not too deep, personal or too long, but If you still have questions or feedback, you are welcome to write an email to me directly. My email is:

We are motivated and look forward to share another year with you! 

Thank you & Best regards,