Influencer Terms and Conditions

Advantages and minimum requirements

    1. You earn store credit / money depending on how much sales you generate.

    2. You get a 10% code. It works on top of sale prices. You can find how many times your codes has been used here. How to use discount codes is explained here.

    3. You get 10% commission on non-cancelled and non-returned orders paid with money where your code is used. The value is calculated from the sale prices excl. VAT. Only commission over €100 is paid out as money and the commission resets at the start of each month

    4. If you have €100+ in commission from the previous month you should send an invoice with 15 days due date with invoice date set to the last day of the month. Or an account number if you prefer not to invoice. 
    5. For every 10 order from other people with your code within a month, you get €75 to purchase for. 20 sales gives a total of €150 etc.

      You decide yourself when to use the €75 bonuses, but each order is limited to €150 in value and the items from a free order need to be promoted before new orders can be placed.

      The code usage resets at the end of the month. Some influencer's have enough sales for "unlimited orders", see the relevant section below.
    1. It is a requirement to have @famme <my code> in bio and the affiliate link unless you use the link for other purposes:

      When receiving new items you should also promote non-returned items on story or feed.
    2. Promotion of competing brands or webshops is not allowed as long as you have an active code and your code might be deactivated if such promotion occurs. 

Influencer terms and conditions for free items

If you receive full sponsorship, i.e items 100% free of charge as a kickstarter for the collab or bonuses based on sale with your code the following is required before placing the order:

After  receiving the items the following is required unless otherwise stated:

  • Minimum one post and 2 stories and pictures of all items received free of charge must be given in the quality we could expect given your current instagram feed. This must be done within 2 weeks of receiving the items. 
  • Use the hashtag #fammely and tag @famme on posts and stories
  • Send us pictures of the items, preferably by uploading here
  • If you are happy with an item, post a review with pictures on the product page for that specific product. The review should be objective and help customers with sizing, and should not promote your discount code or contain other information not related to the product. you must not post positive reviews of items you are not happy with, remember that you have free exchanges, even on influencer items.

The code / affiliate link must be present for at least 2 months after receiving the gifted item(s), and no promotion of competing brands can be done in this period. New bonus orders can only be placed after previous bonus items have been promoted.

Unlimited orders 

For some influencers we will allow an unlimited amount of orders to be placed. The following rules apply:

1. Orders are limited to 15 items or €1000 in value (sale prices) in total

2.  All non-returned items in the order needs to be promoted before new orders can be placed

3. Promotion material has to be uploaded / sent to us

If you need to place an order outside these rules, it has to be accepted in advance. 

For an item to count as promoted it has to satisfy the following:

1. Featured in a post and story or a video/reel

2. A review on the product page has been given. Constructive criticism is allowed, both in reviews and posts :)

3. Content has been uploaded via our content form

    Influencer resources

    Sign up HERE to get access to resources for influencers.

      Breach of terms and code suspension

      In these cases we have the right to suspend the code, delete the cashback / bonuses and ask for the products in return:

      • Promoting unhealthy/harming products 
      • Conducting illegal activities
      • Putting in fraudulent orders to achieve bonuses / cashback and similar schemes like putting in many small orders instead of 1 in a short time span instead of 1 to achieve bonuses.
      • Majority of orders is not coming from people that was influenced by the influencer. This can be the case if the discount code is surfacing on Google on discount sites etc. and the only people using the code has just searched for "famme discount" or similar. The goal of influencer marketing is to influence. Any sales not related to influencing is not intended.
      • Making blog posts that only contain the discount and no other valuable information. Blog posts like "discount on" as the title is not allowed. But "Famme review - leggings" is fine. For blog posts you should never directly write "discount code" or "rabattkode" (Norwegian). Use the discount link on all images and text on the page, so that your code is auto-applied. The reason for this is that if people Google "famme discount" and ends up purchasing with the code, that is against the intention of the influencer program, which is to get people that never heard of us to purchase, or to influence people that did not consider buying to change their mind.
      • Promoting competing brands / stores.
      • Spamming in forums and groups. If someone has posted a discount code in a forum or facebook group within the last 20 days, it is not allowed to post a discount code in that group/forum again.
      • Inactivity the whole month, meaning no promotion done. 

      Content rights / intellectual property 

      Famme can use all images, videos or other content made with Famme clothes the moment the influencer places an order free of charge on our store. All content can be used free of charge by Famme with no expiration date and for all commercial purposes: ads, on our website etc.



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