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Jeans guide - find your perfect jeans!

The ultimate jeans guide!

Finding the perfect onejeans , can be difficult for many. How to know what kind of fabric, shape, sizes and stretch pants have We are going with this guide, make it a little easier for you to find the perfect jeans. Fabric mixtures, sizes, fit and length. 

Fabric and production techniques

Our jeans are made in the same way, but we have different types:

 Authentic denim: Authentic denim is coarser in fabric and little stretch.

Jeans with stretch: Regular stretch jeans. These have only stretch in width.

4 Flex: Real denim with super stretch. This drug is a part ofISKOs blue skin  collection, where all textiles have 4-way stretch, ie 360 degree stretch.

spring4FLEX jeans is made with patented denim technology to achieve super-stretch in all directions and a natural hold-in effect.


For many, it can be difficult to find out which pants to wear in relation to how tall you are, this is exactly what we are going to make a little easier for you now!

Jeans for short legs

Many people experience when buying trousers that the trousers fit in the waist but become too long. With us, we have different jeans that will suit you who are struggling with just this.

 Bestjeans for short legs:

Wide leg jeans sits looser than skinny jeans and has a high waist. As the name suggests, they have wide legs and the length is slightly cropped. They are very comfortable and trendy, and go well with a crop top or t-shirt.

Video of Wide leg jeans


jeans for long legs

For many with long legs, the problem with buying pants is this with length. You prefer not to end up with pants that reach you to the middle of the leg. We have several jeans that fit longer legs.

Bestjeans for long legs:

  • Mom jeans : The model in the picture is 170 cm and is wearing size S.

  • Wear jeans : The person in the picture is 180cm tall and is wearing size M.

  • Flare jeans - the model in the picture is 178 cm tall and is wearing size S.

Video of flare jeans:


Video of 4FLEX jeans:


Jeans for you with shapes

Finding jeans that will fit both waist, thighs and length can be difficult, but here we have written a little more about best jeans for ladies with shapes which can make it a little easier for you!



Polyester is the most common form of textile fiber, and it is used in clothing, interior textiles and outdoor equipment.

Do you get a little skeptical when you see the clothes contain a lot of polyester There is nothing to be skeptical about! Polyester has many positive properties in clothes, especially in clothes used for sports activities, such as running and skiing, but also in jeans! Polyester is a light textile fiber, which does not absorb water and it dries quickly. It is also a very durable fiber that is easy to care for, does not curl and helps to increase comfort..


Cotton, ie cotton, is a soft fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant.

Fabrics made of cotton are naturally resistant to dust and dust mites. Fabric made of cotton is also a non-irritating substance, which means that it will not aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions, even in people who are prone to skin problems such as rashes and eczema.

Cotton tends to naturally repel water and sweat, and is therefore very breathable.

Are you concerned about the environmental consequences of clothing you buy Cotton is biodegradable and a renewable resource..


Elastane is a highly elastic synthetic, artificial textile fiber. This is made of polyurethane, and is most often used in blending with other synthetic fibers. Elestan expands a lot and returns to its original size and therefore uses to give the product more elasticity. Our 4FLEX jeans contain as much as 7.50% elastane, and this is what helps to make the jeans so stretchy.

Our jeans models

Stretch Jeans

Skinny jeans

Flare jeans

Wide leg jeans

High straight jeans

Wear jeans

Mom jeans

 Stretch jeans

Skinny jeans for women with high waists, which are made with patented denim technology to achieve a comfortable superstretch in all directions. It has a tight and snug style. The comfortable fit with a lotstretchis a must have in the basic wardrobe. Genuine jeans , which feels like tights.

Skinny jeans

Is there really a more useful garment than a pair skinny jeans? Skinny jeans are a must have garment in the wardrobe, as this can be styled both up and down.Skinny jeans sits well over the buttocks, and is snug all the way down to the ankles.

Flare jeans

Flare jeans , the trend that just always comes back. The trousers have a sling from the knee down, which fits perfectlysneakers, boots and heels.

Wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans is the coolest jeans style right now! Get taken straight back to the 90s fashion universe by stylingwide leg jeans with ashort snug-fitting top. We really love the high waist on wide leg jeans, and how the whole shape gives the impression of longer legs and a marked waist.

High straight jeans

Our classichigh straight jeans takes style and comfort to whole new levels. The trousers have a timeless feel, high waist and wide legs, and will be your new go-to jeans. The trousers are made with 98%sustainable cotton.

Video of Mid blue high straight jeans:


Video of Straight worn home jeans:



Wear jeans

A 90's inspired IT style with straight legs and a stylish split at the bottom. Worn jeans are available in oneslimfit fit with stretch.Sling pants with high waist and stretchy denim. The stretch makes the trousers very comfortable to wear, and the shape and location of the pockets make the butt look flattering.

Video of Worn home jeans:


Mom jeans

Mom jeansis a pair of jeans that is easy to style and suits all seasonal occasions. the jeans are made with authentic denim, with extra stretch for better comfort.


Jeans are a garment that is suitable for both everyday and parties, here you have some of our favorites among jeans for everyday and parties.

Jeans for party

How comfortable it is not to wear comfortablejeans at a party It's easier to dance and really comfortable to go with! 

Very many of our jeans are suitable for both everyday and parties, but we have put together some combinations we love!

First out is ours4flex jeans, which is a comfortable skinny stretch jeans, is a sure winner for the party. These pants have a 4 way stretch that allows you to dance, jump and even walk inspaghetti without fear of the pants tearing.

styling tips: Style your 4flex jeans with a blouse, shirt, or onecrop topand blazer and you're ready to party!

 The next jeans out within the party category is ourswide leg jeans, which is the coolest jeans style right now! These trousers can be combined with many different garments, depending on the style you prefer!

styling tips: style dinwide leg jeans with a shirt, either basic and elegant white, or a vibrant color. Jeans with wide legs are also perfect to match with a simple top, such as a smock top, or a top with balloon arms.

Colors we have in the pants:Sort,light blue,mid blue andbeige.

The third pair of jeans, which we believe is perfect for a party, is ours wear home jeans. Thissling pants with high life andstretch is very comfortable to wear, whether you are the dance lion at the party or the one who prefers to sit still and enjoy the music.

Styling tips: find shoes with high heels, a tank top and springwear home jeans, and you're ready to party!

Jeans for everyday:

 For many, jeans are something they thought was nice to look at, but which they dream of coming home and getting off throughout the day. We have several very comfortable jeans, which fit perfectly for everyday life, both for work and leisure. Our jeans are very comfortable to wear, which means that you may not want the urge to come home and get off your jeans.

First jeans out are4flex jeans, as also mentioned earlier, this is a pair of trousers that can be used both for everyday and party. The trousers are very easy to style both up and down, and have a lot of stretch in them, which makes it feel like a tights!

Styling tips: style your 4flex jeans with onesweatshirt, enchunky sweater or azip up cotton sweater for the ultimate everyday look.

 The next pair of jeans is oursStraight raw hem jeans. The jeans take style and comfort to a whole new level, which is absolutely perfect for everyday life! The jeans have a high waist, and back pockets that are placed and shaped so that the butt looks nice.

Styling tips:Straight raw hem jeansis perfect to style with oneturtleneck ,oneribbed high-necked sweater, or simply one white basic t shirt. 


 The third pair of jeans we are going to consider is oursmom jeans. This is a pair of jeans with a high waist, straight legs and a spacious fit. The jeans are made with authentic denim with extra stretch for better comfort. Simply a perfect pair of trousers for everyday life!

Styling tips:mom jeans is perfect to style with oneT shirt, en longsleeveor achunky sweater.

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