julegavetips til julen 2021

Christmas gift 2022

Julen 2022 is approaching by leaps and bounds and you may want to get rid of the Christmas presents well in advance. Are you unsure of what you should buy for mother, sister, grandmother, girlfriend or boyfriend? Whether you need Christmas gift tips for her or for someone else you love, we have gathered the best ideas and made a complete guide to Christmas 2022 with tips for Christmas gifts you can buy to all your loved ones during this special holiday. At Christmas, there are often a lot of expenses and it is therefore good to be able to find nice gifts at a reasonable price. With us, you will therefore find several garments that fit perfectlyChristmas presents for her under DKK 1,000.


Christmas present for her

If you are struggling to find it perfect Christmas present for her, we have several good tips for you. Whether you are looking for a gift for the fitness enthusiast or those who just like to relax at home, we have several good suggestions. For example, we can recommend one of our best and most functionaltraining tights for women,Essential Tights: 

svart treningstights til dame  Lilla treningstights til dame
What makes this black training tights a favorite is that it is, as the name implies, essential. The tights have high life and has a fabric that makes the tights last a long time. The drug is versatile , soft and difficult elastic. In addition, this provides tights good mobility even if it has high density and is a compression tights. With these tights you get a nice and flattering fit, which makes it a very attractive and essential Christmas gift for her for Christmas 2022.


Another Christmas gift tip for her is oursChunky Knit Sweater:
hvit strikkegenser til dame  Grå strikket turtleneck til dame 
This is the world's softest knit sweater which is perfect for the coming winter season. This white knit sweater is perfect as a Christmas gift for her as it is so versatile that it can be used for many differentpants andjackets.


Christmas present for mom

If you are looking for the perfect one Christmas present for mom there is a lot Famme has to offer. A nice Christmas gift tip for mom is oursPace Rain Jacket, as this is a nice black rain jacket or hiking jacket of good quality , if she then loves to be out and about.

svart regnjakke til dame  Blå regnjakke til dame med hette

This jacket is very robust at the same time as it allows air to flow in and out so that you do not get too clammy. In addition, it provides plenty of space for a sweater underneath and fits perfectly on a trip.


Another Christmas gift tip for mom is a pair of new ones good sneakers with cushioning. The best Christmas gift can therefore be oursEndorphin RX1 Shoes, which is suitable for both training and work:

hvite joggesko dame svarte joggesko til dame 
The running shoes work as good running shoes for women as breathes well and gives very good damping. We think they are at least the most comfortable running shoes for women, which can also be used for work or for other things than just training. The shoes come in both white and black.


Christmas present for girlfriend

When it comes to Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, there are many nice and exciting things you can come up with. At Famme, we have many tips to give, and a good Christmas gift tip for your girlfriend is bestseller Vortex Tights.

Beige squatproof tights til dame  svart seamless tights til dame

The seamless design is a big favorite with our customers, and this tights gives extremely good mobility at practice. This will quickly become a favorite with your girlfriend, whether she loves exercise or not, as these are tights that can be used for many different things. The drug is elastic and breathes well , and get things "done".

Another super Christmas gift for boyfriend is oursSelect Pants.

Myk velur bukse til dame  Svart velour bukse med lommer bak
This is definitely it softest and most delicious cuddly pants one can find now. This is one of our best Christmas gift tips for her boyfriend that she is guaranteed to love. It is also available in other very nice colors. Delicious and soft chooses fabric makes this a good cuddly pants of excellent quality, perfect for evenings inside. These pants can be matched withchoose a hoodie.


Christmas present for a friend

When it comes to Christmas gifts for girlfriends, there is an incredible amount to recommend, precisely because there are so many different ones to suit everyone's taste. If there is one Christmas present for best friend you might want to give something extra special, here we have some recommendations in different price ranges!

Something we think can fit absolutely everyone is one good and warm jacket now that it is colder outside and then we can recommend our bestSherpa Teddy Jacket:

hvit teddyjakke til dame  svart teddyjakke til dame
This is a difficult one trendy and versatile jacket which is perfect for this fall and winter season. The fabric is something in itself - incredibly soft, comfortably and will keep you warm. This is a great Christmas gift tip for girlfriends as we think it would appeal to most people!


Another Christmas gift tip for girlfriends is oursRibbed High Neck Sweater:
hvit ribbed turtleneck til dame  Svart ribbestrikket høyhalset genser til dame
This is an incredibly delicious andnice everyday sweater which is difficult basic and versatile, which means it will suit most and certainly your girlfriend too! The fabric is soft and the sweater gives flattering fit . It is very trendy too - high-necked, ribbed and slim-fit, which makes it the perfect Christmas gift for a friend.


One can never go wrong with a pairjeans! This sweater fits perfectly with oursFlare Jeans:
blå slengbukser og jeans til dame   Blå jeans med sleng og lommer bak
Stretchy, soft, trendy and flattering - what more could you want This jeans also has practical pockets that provide space for a mobile phone.


Christmas present for sister

As Christmas present for sister it's a lot of fun and nice you can come up with. You can easily and simply give a good training tights, if she likes to be active - then we recommend oursElevate Wave Leggings 2:

blå seamless treningstights til dame  Rosa shaping tights i seamless
Thistights sits like a shot and seamless effect makes this tights a big favorite with our customers. This is one of our best Christmas gift tips for sister as she is guaranteed to love a good pair of tights that you can use for different, whether it is training, work, chilling at home or generally being active in many different ways. This is also a very smart Christmas gift tip for girlfriends! This tights can also be found in other gorgeous colors you can findhere.


Cozy clothes never fail as a Christmas gift, and as a Christmas gift tip for sister we can recommend oursWanderlust Hoodie andWanderlust Leggings.
beige hettegenser til dame   beige kosebukse leggings til dame
This is it the ultimate cuddle set in a gorgeous beige color that your sister is guaranteed to love as a Christmas gift.


Christmas present for grandma

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for grandmothers, there is plenty to choose from. A tip might be to give her some quick glasses to enter the new year with, namely oursActive Sunglasses.Otherwise, one can never go wrong with giving a Christmas present to grandma that she can use tostay warm, then we recommendPace Mittens.

svarte vinter votter til dame Sportsbriller til dame

If you need further tips and would like to read more, take a look at our other gift articles below!

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