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Cropped tops from Famme

We've designed our wide selection of Crop Tops with your well-being in mind, so nothing can hold you back when exercising. With our cropped tops, you'll feel supported from all directions, as they're engineered to feel, fit and function just the way you need them to. Whether you're going for a run, practising yoga or training in the gym, we have comfortable tops with sweat-wicking, seamless constructions, stretchy fabric and stylish designs. 

Support is key 

No matter what sports you're into, whether it's cardio, yoga, HIIT classes or lifting weights, support is completely key when it comes to women's upper bodies. Hence, our functional cropped tops, long sleeves, tees and shirts are made to provide you with all the comfort and support you need to make it through your next intense workout. Our fast-drying fabrics help you stay focused as they make you feel the burn, not the sweat.